Mission Statement

I help women in leadership roles achieve evolutionary growth in all areas and endeavors while preserving and cultivating appreciation for feminine energy. For over two decades I have assisted other women and children with creating optimal health on all levels. I am passionate about being the best version of myself and helping others do the same. By joining together with other strategy goddesses we can create the progress we want for ourselves, our children and the world. I have an initiative to reduce the suicide rate amongst kids and teens -it is the 4th leading cause of death in ages 10-14 and the third in ages 14-24 (CDC 2010) and reduce violence against children.

Change versus Progress

It is time for women to unplug from the matrix of common thought so that we can create the necessary progress for the advancement of women and children everywhere. While there will always be change in the world, progress is optional. If we continue to look outside of ourselves for something or someone to blame or something or someone to change in order for us to have the experience we are looking for, then we continue to experience frustration and lack of progress. I invite you to join me on a journey to elevate our cultures’ view and treatment of women and children by having the courage to start with our relationship with our selves.

Women Can Not Afford the Luxury of Ignoring Innovative Thinking

A key strategy women need to have the life they deserve is innovation. When confronted with a challenge, the old way of thinking that created the situation will not lead to a solution. We must employ new ways of thinking in order to have a breakthrough. The archetype I choose to motivate myself towards innovation is a dinosaur. Those who fail to innovate will end up like them or the following corporate giants who missed the boat:

  • Kodak missed digital photography innovation (anyone remember Foto-Mat?)
  • AT&T missed cellular phone innovation
  • Compact Discs replaced by thumb drives/flash drives (my son wears one on his wrist)
  • Video stores- replaced by internet streaming
  • VCR’s replaced by TiVo
  • Wrist Watches are rarely seen on anyone under the age of 25
  • Our school system…more on this in future blog post

Innovation is strategically critical for the future of women and children. This requires the courage to let go of the past and engaging in innovative thinking. Logic and linear thinking, while long celebrated in our culture, are no longer sufficient for the advancement of women and children personally, professionally-across the board.

Quick recipe for innovation? Ask new questions. Get new voices. How would your best friend solve it? What experience are you looking? How will you know when you have solved it? What is another way you could get this experience? Etc.

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Miss Representation Action Steps-Step 1

The progress we seek starts with each of us loving who we are. Remember every time we say sometime to ourselves our unconscious mind records it – then delivers the result. It is the unconscious mind that controls the body and all its amazing functions. So next time you are tempted to judge your body, show it some gratitude instead.